Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2 Months with Juniper

If you asked me two months ago how I liked being a mom, you would have likely received a very different answer. At two months-totally different story. I absolutely love being this little girl's mama. The way she kicks her feet in excitement over the tiniest surprises, the way her eyes turn into saucers at a new sight, and her sparkly smile when she wakes up to see my face-it all inspires me to approach life similarly-with awe and wonder and gratefulness just to be on this planet for another day. Having a baby changes you, y'all!

It's alarming how much love and melancholy she inspires! On one hand, my heart is just overflowing for this girl. On the other hand, I know these days are numbered. I won't always be greeted with smiles when I wake her up and sing the good morning song. My hugs won't always dry her tears. Someday, she will inevitably tell me she hates me. Needless to say, I am soaking up every single moment I have with her and savoring all her smiles.

Side note: This was my teddy bear growing up!
Weight/Length: She is long and slender and between ten and eleven pounds! 

Clothes: Wearing 0-3 months. I love putting her in sleepers, but why the snaps? Zippers only please. I always know when Erik has changed her last because only one of her three snaps will be snapped. He just leaves the last two swaying in the wind. Men.

Sleep Habits: I feel like an asshole every time I say this, but she sleeps through the night. I honestly thank God every morning for another restful sleep. She is just like her mama though-loves a good party but  prefers to be home by bedtime or she is cranky! 

The best advice we ever received was to wake a sleeping baby (to keep her on a semi-predictable schedule) and after the holidays, even Erik is preaching about sticking to a schedule  because deviating causes so many disruptions (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he is in charge of nighttime feedings).

Eating Habits: Still nursing! The whole "if you make it six weeks you can make it a year" thing-so true. The pain is gone, she usually finishes in under forty minutes (...usually), and I no longer bother with the whole nursing cover. I didn't even realize how "comfortable" I'd gotten until my sister came over and Junie got hungry. Without thinking I starting feeding her only to be met by my sister laughing, "I was wondering how long it'd take you to give up on that scarf thing." Regardless of the ease, I still plan to ween her at six months. During the summer months I work at our practice and almost every other weekend we are camping. I don't want to be swimming in lake water and having to worry about showering every two hours to feed her.

Diapers: Size 1 in Honest diapers. So far we've had success with Babyganics and Honest. But Seventh Generation-never again. Erik's decision. I'm sure you can imagine why.

Appearance: She is past that awkward newborn stage and looks like a real baby now (less like an alien). Her hair, albeit fuzzy and duck-like, is strawberry blonde (I'm half Irish) and her eyes are still baby blue. I will say that she has a big ol' head though! Perfect for girlie little headbands. (Guys, did you ever think I'd be so into all things pink and frilly?!)

Nicknames: Junie Bear. JuJuBee. Junior. Munchie. JJ. J Bear. And any combination of the above.

Firsts: She smiled for the first time this month! Best. Thing. Ever. She can also lift her head while on her belly for longer and has started turning her head with more ease and speed. Oh, and she's begun cooing!

Doing/Learning: She loves when I say, " Heeeere I cooooome!" followed by a kiss or when I sing to her. Usually it's a rap song turned lullaby (e.g. Drake's One Dance becomes " Baby, I like your smile" or Bone Thugs' "it's the thuggish ruggish Junie," etc.). Almost guarantees a smile! She recently learned to put herself to sleep too. Happy accident I'm thinking as it has only happened a few times, but fingers crossed this becomes one of her talents!

Likes: Music of all kinds, bouncing on the fit ball to fall asleep, fans, kicking her feet, broad chests for napping, car rides, and eating! Oh, and she absolutely loves splashing in the bath before bed.

Dislikes: Still not digging the formula and dislikes being held after eating.

Mommy's Feelings: So much better. No more crying spells or feelings of loneliness and insecurity. In Erik's words, I've got my balls amongst me again and am back to running the house. We get out quite a bit now and the fact that I squeezed into my old jeans brightens things up a bit. I also now remember why I only wear leggings and sweat pants.

Erik: If it wasn't apparent in my last monthly update, Erik wasn't super hands on at first. Things have improved in this department. He's become a lot more helpful and patient with her. Even when she accidentally grabs onto his beard. I'll never forget a few days ago at his office while Junie was napping he looked at me and asked, "Can I hold her?" with the sweetest look on his face. 

Favorite Moments and Things to Remember?
How big her eyes get and how alarmed she becomes when we first dip her in the bath. Her squawk when she's tired. Her excited little eyes when I talk to her. How when I place my hand on her belly and chest her hands wrap around mine. 

Looking forward to?
I'm waiting for that first giggle and her being able to sit up with support.

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