Tuesday, February 14, 2017

3 Months with Juniper

Month three was a good month. Everyone promises it gets easier at three months and more fun at six and so far, I agree! I actually really look forward to coming home from work now and playing with Juniper (instead of being terrified to walk in the door). Her little personality is beginning to show. Super playful, but quiet and observant at the same time. While she is getting bored more easily now, she is totally part of our laid back, down for anything family. Motherhood has changed every aspect of our lives, but it hasn't stalled our adventures. To all those people who told us, "Never have kid,"  y'all were wrong because this shit is fun. 

Weight/Length: Fourteen pounds! The pediatrician recommended we start waking her through the night to get in another feeding in order to put some more weight one her. I almost laughed when my husband informed me of this. I'm not ruining a perfectly sound sleeping schedule. My child is not going hungry. We call her Munchie for a reason.

Clothes: I love putting her in bows and little headbands! She's wearing 3-6 month clothing now. I love when she suddenly fits in the next size up. It's like getting a whole new wardrobe for Barbie as a kid (although mine always ended up naked with frizzy hair and one legged).

Sleep Habits: This past week she has suddenly taken to waking up an hour or two early...meaning four or five in the morning. I know it's too early for the four month sleep regression, so I'm thinking this was an early sign of the three month growth spurt that wreaked havoc on our trip to Clearwater, Florida this past weekend.

Eating Habits: Three months to go and I'm done nursing! I know I'll probably miss it, but I look forward to missing it. I don't care what anyone says, it still hurts now and again! I know I should see a lactation consultant, but when?! We're in the process of researching homemade formulas. I'd like to raise her to be vegan and let her make her own decisions when the time comes. Maybe I'll change my mind later. Formula costs a fortune! Combined with the fact that human milk is the ish when it comes to nutrients, I totally get why moms nurse for years! It may be selfish, but I just don't want to go that long. 

Diapers: Size 2! Still going strong with the Honest brand that everyone promised I would ditch due to the cost, quality, or unavailability. I have no complaints about them. They're way cuter than the other brands anyways.

Appearance: I swear her face changes daily! Her eye color is definitely mine, and so is her nose. The rest is all Erik, although the red hair could come from either side. 

Nicknames: Munchie is most common these days, due to her insatiable appetite. JuJu, JuJu-on-that-beat, J, J Bear, Junie Mae.

Firsts: So many first this month! She has learned that she can roll over from back to belly and the reverse, although she certainly hasn't mastered this yet. When she can't roll over (which is 9 times out of 10), she growls and turns red in the face-got her mama's temper. She has also begun grabbing at things whether they are dangling above her or in front of her during tummy time. Her smiles have become more frequent and so much bigger! Erik even got her to giggle (once)! Needless to say I was a bit jealous. Most notably, girly-girl flew on a plane for the first time! She hardly made a peep. My biggest fear was being those parents with the baby crying bloody murder for two hours straight. Fortunately we got to be "those parents" at a restaurant the next day. Yay for firsts! I quickly swept her out of the restaurant and calmed her down on the beach, but she was practically inconsolable so I had to chug my drink in record time and scarf my meal down like there was no tomorrow. I know with time I will give less of a fack, but it was a first for me and I can't lie-I got teary-eyed because I was so stressed out!

I walked away for two minutes and came back to find she'd ripped two sets of her links from the baby gym! #babieswholift

J Bear's first super bowl!
Likes: ROUTINES! She was a hot mess without her routine while we were in Florida. I too am addicted to my routine. Hopefully she gets some of my better traits too!

She also likes to taste anything and everything. If she can grab it, it's in her mouth! 

She loves when I sing to her, especially songs from Moulin Rouge. This is sad because I am no Carrie Underwood. I'm considering banning music from our household so all she ever knows is my singing voice. I'll have a forever fan.

Dislikes: She's becoming more and more intolerant of formula. Also-not the biggest fan of dirty diapers. Weird. Oh, and after Florida, she no longer falls asleep on car rides. Instead she screams her head off until we park. 

Mommy's Feelings: Being a mom is actually kind of fun now. It's super time-intensive, but it's not grueling anymore. Erik has been forced to pick up the slack (whether he likes it or not). Before becoming a mom I just assumed parenting would be fifty-fifty. Nope. I was bitter about this in the beginning. Sometimes a little lotta resentment still sneaks in. I got pretty frickin' aggravated on the plane when my arm was falling asleep two hours in due to plump ass in my arms, not to mention the fact that I smelled like spit up the whole ride home and I look over and see Erik's happy ass playing some damn zombie game on his phone with his little neck pillow behind his head and his precious little pretzels in hand. Five minutes later I look over and see his mouth hanging open as he slept. I thought, "This mother f-----." 

On the bright side, I'm two pounds away from my pre-baby weight, but I still have little mini-bouts of feeling depressed and mourning our old life. Manageable now though.

Favorite Moments and Things to Remember?
She kicks when I read to her. She gets so angry when she can't flip over. When she is truly sad, her little bottom lip curls over into the cutest darn pout. Her sleepy smile in the morning. When she falls asleep while eating I mock-scold her saying, "Junie MaeAnn!" and her little eyes pop open and she starts eating again as if she never stopped. I can just picture her teachers ten years from now doing the same thing and her little head popping up and her feverishly writing as if she never stopped. When we drop her in the bath, her arms spread wide and her skinny legs fold closed, crouching tiger, hidden dragon style. When we move towards her saying "Hereee weee comeee" her eyes close before we get there in expectation of our kisses.

Looking forward to?
Hiking with her this summer. Beach trips. Camping all over Michigan. Giving her solids. Baby swim class. All of it makes me smile.


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  1. It's funny how some people's mentality of "don't have kids" is. But for those who choose to have kids and still enjoy life, it's worth it! IMO at least... ;) I agree on the honest diapers... it's really not that much more expensive (especially when you buy then in bulk) and they are much cuter! I also agree on the BF/formula cost/grossness. I feel so selfish when I want to give up for my own reasons!