Friday, April 21, 2017

5 Months with Juniper

This month taught me:

Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does.
Just when you think it can't get any better, it does.

Month five was a good one. My favorite so far. If it weren't for a.) the healing process, and b.) the depression afterwards I'd definitely be okay with one or two more of these kids. Most days are fun-exhausting but enjoyable-but it's those days that push you too far that have ya thinking never again.

I debate whether it's a good idea to get all the crazy and chaos of babyhood out of the way at once, or do I let my life kind of calm down before setting it all in motion again? Or do I just call it one and done?

Oh, one other thing I learned this month, as evidenced in the following photos: I am not above bribing...

Unfortunately, Juniper dropped in the percentiles. I don't know how accurate our scale is, but she ranges between fourteen and sixteen pounds. But she is lo-o-o-ng.

Spring has me all giddy in this area. Already I'm stocking her closet with rompers and floral dresses. Being a girl mom is fun.

Sleep Habits
Sleep training begins in ONE month! I am so ready to get my bed (and arms) back, although I have loved having my baby girl in my arms every night.

Naps are hit or miss. Once in awhile she'll whine herself to sleep in her crib. The next nap will have her screaming her head off in my arms. I've learned to stop trying to control the situation and just roll with it. I'm not a bad mom because I "give in" and hold her, and I'm not a bad mom for letting her cry sometimes.

Eating Habits 
Ever since I found out she was small for her age I slowed breastfeeding and started pumping more. I know, I know-the exact opposite of what you're "supposed" to do,  but I wanted to be certain that she was getting as much as necessary and it turns out she was only eating about two ounces before boredom set in and she began squirming out of my arms looking for the dogs.

I pump before work and bed and if she wakes in the night, I BF, otherwise it's formula. We're using Earth Organics. So far she digs it.

In other news, she refuses her bottle unless I chant "Chug-a-chug-a-Ju-Ju"
So long, pride!

We started solids too!
Banana = Love
Sweet Potatoes = Double love
Avocado = Ugh, I'll eat it, but I'm not gonna like it.
Carrots = Well, if bananas aren't an option, I guess this will do.
Cereal = Dafuq is this?

I really thought it'd take awhile to get her familiar with eating real food but after one bite she was like a little bird coming back for more.

Added bonus: all these extra calories got her from napping for maybe five minutes to twenty to forty minutes. Woo hoo!

Size 2 or 3 Honest and Babyganics. 
Now that she is rolling over with ease, diaper changes have become a complete race to the finish line.

I'm surprised her hair hasn't turned blonde yet with two blondes for parents.
It's still reddish.

Eyes have only gotten bluer. 

She looks to me exactly like a combination of Erik and his youngest sister. When she sleeps or makes a weird face I'll suddenly see my dad's side though.

We were looking at her next to her cousin Phoenix the other day and realized she doesn't have the girliest features. She looked like a little tomboy next to her cousin! 

Sugar Butt.
Miss Mae.

First hike over Easter weekend! I forgot the sunblock and the bug spray-naturally.
Laughing and laughing.
Rolling over both ways with ease.
"Play dates" (more like co-tummy timing) with her cousin and her BFFs Ellie and Annabelle.
She comes up on all fours and rocks or catapults her self forward. So so close to crawling.
Her first Easter.

#1 favorite-when I hold her hands so she can stand and walk.
Kisses all over all the time.
Sophie the Giraffe.
The outdoors.
Tags! She finds them on everything and wants nothing more than to chew on them.
Her reflection. Put her in front of a mirror and girlfriend is feelin' herself.
Snuggling with mama at night.
Pinching. Pulling. General violence. Her new thing is grabbing your face as hard as she can.
The dogs! She just watches. 
Toys that make noises. Or light up (e.g. her Einstein).
And, of course, God Bless You and Goodnight.

The blender. When I was mixing up some carrots in the magic bullet she started shaking. It broke my heart to pieces-I felt so bad. She'd never been startled before by it until then. I still can't think about it.
Avocado is not her favorite. She'll eat it, but not super enthusiastically.
Being put down. I really have to trick her: slowly moving away, talking to her from the other room. And, I'm not above bribing.

Mama's Feelings
If I ever get time I'll update everyone on the whole baby blues thing. This has been hands down the easiest month so far-not because she's easier, but because I've fully settled into this mommin' thing. We're able to get out for longer periods now that I'm not nursing as much. She is able to be distracted when she gets bored or angry. Mostly though, I just feel like I've relaxed a little bit. As Erik put it, he tries to fit her into his life, while I made her my life. 

Oh, and the warm weather and sunshine-the baby blues are no match! Even so, remembering how bad it was in the beginning, I've truly reconsidered wanting to have anymore. I'd love her to have a little sister and we'd both love a little boy but the pain, the healing, the sadness-no thank you.

I don't know what happened, but over night Erik pulled a 180. Of course he loved her before, but he wasn't super interested in doing much with her until this last month. I think he's more likely to want more than I am.

Favorite Moments and Things to Remember
The way her legs kick when she's on her belly and she's a.) pissed, or b.) elated
How the phrase, "God bless you and good night" puts a pause on any and all crying, no matter how severe.
Her morning smile.

Looking forward to
Her baptism/dedication on Mothers Day.
We've booked three of our four camping trips for this summer and fall. I cannot wait to see her digging in the sand, snuggling up next to the fire, and going for wagon rides around the park.

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  1. She's changing so much! I can't believe she's 5 months already! So cute! I'm glad your feeling better, too!